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Fukushima residents versus government officials

I was looking at my Google+ stream and I saw this unbelievable and shocking video in an article by Time Out Tokyo.

The people want to evacuate. They need assistance. They want answers.

It’s funny how the government officials tried to avoid answering the people’s questions. They couldn’t even answer with a straight face. And so they just run off and try to escape.

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10 Simple Ways to Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

I have gathered some links to charities and different ways to help and make donations.
Most of them can be done from any part of the world. Some may be applicable to US only.

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How to Help Japan with Aid and Awareness

As you probably already know, Japan was hit by a devastating 9.0 earthquake last Fridayharga salep elocon. The earthquake and resulting tsunami have caused untold devastation, destabilized nuclear power plants and taken many lives.

If you run your own site, you can help by adding the Hello Bar, just like the one you see here on the top of my site, with just a code snippet. You can set your message to something else like “Japan has been hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. Click here to make a Red Cross donation.” This makes it easy to promote donations for Japan.

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