Find missing persons

Please use these tools to help you find missing persons due to the recent M9.0 earthquake in Japan. I will update this page if I get more information.

Please understand that I cannot guarantee that you will find who you are looking for using these tools. They are provided to you as is.

Good luck!

  • Google’s Person Finder
  • This is Google’s Person Finder as seen on Google’s Crisis Response page.

    Choose the appropriate link depending on your situation.

  • International Red Cross Family Links
  • The Family Links website helps people contact relatives who have become missing persons because of a conflict or natural disaster.

    Click here for more information.

  • Missing persons phone lines (Japanese language)
    • Iwate: 0120-801-471
    • Miyagi: +8122-221-2000
    • Fukushima: 0120-510-186 / +8190-8424-4207 / +8190-8424-4208
  • Note: Numbers that start with 0120 are accessible from within Japan only.

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