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Caught in a Disaster? There’s an App for That

I love my iPhone. But not in a fanboy way.

I never thought my iPhone would turn out to be such a life saver.
It’s so useful that I can’t imagine going back to my old Galapagos phone. I would probably be lost?

Here are some must have iPhone apps that may help you in case of disasters.

The most popular earthquake app on the iPhone is now universal for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

BuddyGuard VIP
This freemium app can send alerts to your contacts when you are in trouble. It can also detect an impact or fall, and send out an emergency alert.
If you upgrade and pay a monthly fee, it can alert local emergency teams or even your embassy if you get in trouble abroad.

Disaster Readiness 2011
Be prepared for any disaster (earthquake, hurricane, nuclear blast, terrorists, etc) with this great paid app!
It gives a very thorough guide complete with step by step instructions on how to secure, treat and survive the worst case scenario.

Pocket First Aid and CPR
This paid app from the American Heart Association can guide you through the giving of CPR and other basic first aid. It can also call emergency services for you.

A simple free app that uses iPhone4 LED as flashlight or strobe light. It can also flash SOS signals.

YureKuru Call for iPhone
This cool app sends push notifications to your iPhone if an earthquake occurs. When a notification arrives, it plays an alarm sound. Nice to have when a shakedown happens while you are sleeping 🙂

Softbank 伝言板 (Disaster Message Board)
This free app is available to Softbank subscribers only. It allows users to send messages to the disaster message board, with an option to set automatic notifications to 3 email addresses each time you update your status.

With the built in accelerometer and gyro, your iPhone4 can be a good seismometer. Try it out for free!

Good way to get the latest news and info. Also great way to send a quick message or make a status update, which also goes straight to my Facebook wall. Very reliable especially when calling is not possible.

When mobile phone cellular network was down and I couldn’t make calls, Skype was there to save the day. I was able to make clear international calls over 3G data network.

I use this app to get the latest news and info on earthquake and radiation levels in Tokyo.

I mentioned this great app for watching news in English in a previous post. The quality is good even on moving trains.

I guess it’s also worth mentioning Google Maps because I couldn’t have made it home on foot, at night even, without this great tool.
WARNING: GPS operation eats up a lot of battery life!

Do you know other useful apps? Let me know what you think.
And remember to share this on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

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